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Price Matters

June 28, 2011

Turn on the radio to catch a weather report, and it’s there.  Switch to a ball game; it’s there too.  Put on your favorite TV show, and it’ll soon be in your face.  Go to the supermarket where background noise tends to be musical, and just wait. Sure enough, an interruption to bring you the […] More

Deeper Analysis

British 1Q GDP and Current Account

June 28, 2011

U.K. real GDP rose 0.5% in the first quarter.  This rounded rate of growth according to the second revision of the national income accounts was the same as calculated previously, but the on-year rate was revised downward to 1.6% from 1.8%.  Personal consumption, business final capital fixed investment, and inventories made negative contributions to the […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

Austerity Vote by Greek Parliament Delayed to Wednesday

June 28, 2011

The dollar is narrowly mixed, showing gains of 0.2% against sterling and 0.1% versus the euro, kiwi and Canadian dollar but losses of 0.3% against the Swiss franc, 0.2% relative to the yuan, Aussie dollar, and Japanese yen. Equities rose overnight by 0.7% in Japan, 0.4% in India and Indonesia, 0.3% in Australia, 0.2% in […] More