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Big Day for Data, Dollar and Stocks Mixed

June 30, 2017

It’s the end of the month, end of the quarter, middle of the year and the eve of a long U.S. holiday weekend. That means a flood of data are getting released. For many organizations, its the end of a fiscal year. Stocks fell in the Pacific Rim but are recovering in Europe. Share prices […] More

Narrowly Mixed Dollar

December 23, 2015

The biggest dollar move overnight is a 0.5% slide against sterling.  Otherwise, the U.S. currency is down 0.2% versus the loonie and 0.1% relative to the yen, unchanged vis-a-vis the yuan, and up 0.2% against the euro, Swissie and kiwi and 0.1% firmer relative to the Aussie dollar. West Texas Intermediate crude oil was bid […] More

Euroland Sentiment Indices Unexpectedly Buoyant

March 28, 2014

The dollar has risen 0.2% against the yen and 0.1% versus the Swiss franc and Australian dollar but also shows losses of 0.1% against hte kiwi, loonie and sterling.  The yuan and euro are unchanged against the dollar. Share prices in the Pacific Rim climbed 1.1% in Hong Kong, 1.0% in Indonesia, 0.6% in India, […] More

Concerns about Western Growth and Chinese Money Markets

September 26, 2013

The dollar fell 0.6% against the kiwi overnight but is otherwise narrowly mixed with upticks of 0.2% against the euro and yen and 0.1% versus the Swiss franc and sterling but downticks against other commodity-sensitive currencies like the loonie (0.1%) and Aussie dollar (0.2%).  China’s yuan held unchanged. China’s central bank made another large liquidity […] More

Confidence in Europe Hurt by Cyprus Situation

March 27, 2013

Cypriot banks will reopen tomorrow with capital controls.  Uninsured large depositors have taken a big hit. The euro sank as low as $1.2787, its weakest dollar value since November 21, 2012. There is fear of contagion in Europe.  While stocks in the Pacific Rim closed mostly higher, European equities are down 1.7% in Spain, 1.2% […] More

Austerity Vote by Greek Parliament Delayed to Wednesday

June 28, 2011

The dollar is narrowly mixed, showing gains of 0.2% against sterling and 0.1% versus the euro, kiwi and Canadian dollar but losses of 0.3% against the Swiss franc, 0.2% relative to the yuan, Aussie dollar, and Japanese yen. Equities rose overnight by 0.7% in Japan, 0.4% in India and Indonesia, 0.3% in Australia, 0.2% in […] More