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Deeper Analysis

Euroland Data Point to ECB Rate Hike a Week from Tomorrow

March 30, 2011

The last rate hike at the European Central Bank was by 25 basis points in July 2008 and shrouded in controversy, coming just over two months before the collapse of Lehman Brothers triggered an intensifying global recession.  The refinancing rate has been at 1.0% since May 2009, some 325 basis points lower than the prior […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

Equities Higher

March 30, 2011

Asian and European stocks made solid gains as quarter-end nears and despite S&P credit rating downgrades of Greece and Portugal. The yen is trading heavily with a 0.8% decline to 83.11 per dollar.  The U.S. currency otherwise lost 0.7% against the Australian dollar, 0.4% versus the Canadian dollar, and 0.3% against the kiwi and sterling.  […] More