Interview on CAD, Yen and Euro Outlooks

March 31, 2010

With the first calendar quarter drawing to a close today, ForexTV thought it an appropriate time to check out what I’m thinking about current conditions and future prospects regarding the yen and euro as well as commodity-sensitive currencies like the loonie.  Watch my interview earlier this afternoon with Julie Sinha  of ForexTV.

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2 Responses to “Interview on CAD, Yen and Euro Outlooks”

  1. Philipp says:

    Hmmm…am i just stupid or but I cant find a video ???

  2. larrygreenberg says:

    Just click on the underlined word “interview” in the sentence that reads “Watch my interview earlier this afternoon with Julie Sinha of ForexTV.” Note that you have to first click on “read more” in order to get the version of that sentence in which “interview” is underlined. Hope these instructions help you and anyone else having trouble dialing up the video.