Back By Popular Demand: U.S. Economic Track Records Under Different Presidencies

October 31, 2008

Back in August a week prior to the U.S. national party conventions in Denver (Dem) and Minneapolis (Rep), this site reported findings from an examination of how U.S. real GDP, employment, consumer prices, stock prices, and the dollar performed when the president was a democrat versus times when the chief executive had been a republican. Surprisingly, the findings were not randomly distributed. Instead, a systematic bias favoring Democratic Party leadership was uncovered in the case of each of the five criteria. Because of the strong interest in that first report, a series of further posts were aired about a month later, each devoted to a more in-depth exploration of one of the economic vital signs.

The election is now just four days away. Economic problems have dominated the last stages of the campaign. Opinion polls give the edge to Obama, but many show a tightening contest. Some suggest ways that McCain could win. If you missed them, all the posts looking at economic performances during the presidencies from Kennedy though to George W. Bush can access on this site by clicking here or referring back to the original article on August 19th.


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