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Bonds and Stocks

A Little More History About Bear Markets

October 16, 2008

Since 1947, The Dow Jones Industrials has experienced two multi-year periods of see-sawing to nowhere: 1961-1982 and the period since January 2000.  From a low of 163 on May 17, 1947 to a peak of 735 on December 13, 1961, the index of 30 blue chips climbed at a pace of 10.9% per annum.  I […] More

Currency Markets in the News

Market Fear in High Gear

October 16, 2008

The headlines blame falling equities on mounting expectation of a U.S. and global recession.  That is hardly the whole story.  Recessions are too commonplace, however, to justify the kind of escalating panic seen over the past month.  The United States experienced eleven recessions in the second half of the 19th century, nine more last century […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

New Overnight Developments Abroad: Nikkei Tumbled 11.4% or 1,089 points

October 16, 2008

European and Asian stocks fell sharply further on Thursday. Paris Cac trading 4.0%. German Dax off 2.7%. British Ftse -3.1%.  Stocks down 6.7% in Australia. In Asia, stocks lost 11.4% in Japan, 9.4% in South Korea, 4.9% in China, 4.8% in Hong Kong, 5.3% in Singapore, 3.2% in Vietnam and 5.2% in the Philippines. The […] More