U.S. Growth


December 22, 2016

Real economic growth in 3Q16 was revised up 0.3 percentage point to 3.5% annualized from the second quarter. However, the on-year pace of 1.7% was down from 2.2% in the year to 3Q15 and 2.9% in the year to 3Q14. Personal consumption remains a mainstay of the economy, posting successive on-year advances of 3.2% in […] More

Scaled Back Growth Expectations

July 14, 2011

The Federal Reserve is not alone in trimming economic growth projections.   Private analysts have also set their sights lower lately.  The figures in the table below are based on the results of surveys taken in March and July of 18 forecasters conducted and compiled by The Economist.  The changed view of the United States is […] More