U.S. and Ezone service-sector PMIs

Non-Manufacturing PMIs: U.S. and Ezone Both Improve

March 3, 2017

The non-manufacturing U.S. PMI rose 1.1 points to a 16-month high of 57.6, and Euroland’s services purchasing managers index 1.8 points to a 69-month high of 55.5. The sum of these spreads and the manufacturing PMI differential rose 0.8 points to 4.4, giving the U.S. its widest combined advantage since the middle of 2015. PMIs […] More

Service-Sector U.S.-Ezone Performance Gap Narrowed Last Month

February 5, 2013

The U.S. non-manufacturing purchasing managers index in January was at 55.2, about a half point less than forecast and down by a similar amount from December.  Euroland’s services PMI of 48.6 was revised 0.3 points higher from its preliminary indication and 0.8 points above December’s score.  As a result, the spread between the U.S. and […] More

Activity Gap Widened Last Month Between U.S. and Ezone

September 6, 2012

The ISM U.S. purchasing manager index in non-manufacturing increased 1.1 points to 53.7 in August, whereas Euroland’s services PMI fell by 0.7 points to a score of 47.2.  The 6.5-point differential widened from a 7-month low in July to a 3-month high.  This increasingly advantageous U.S. situation more than offset a 1.3-point decline in the […] More