U.S. and Euroland service-sector PMIs

Non-Manufacturing PMIs in the U.S. and Eurozone

November 4, 2015

Euroland’s services purchasing managers index rose only 0.4 points in October, much less than the 2.2-point increase in America’s non-manufacturing PMI.  The U.S. advantage, seen by subtracting the eurozone reading from the U.S. score widened 1.8 points as a result to a 3-month high of 5.0 points.  The sum of this differential and the manufacturing […] More

U.S. Economic Advantage versus Euro Area Widens for Fifth Straight Month

August 5, 2014

Euroland’s service-sector PMI increased 1.4 points to 54.2 in July.  Since the U.S. comparable PMI rose nearly twice as much, however, the differential between the two indices widened 1.3 points to +4.5, and such was 5.5 points better than the spread of -1.0 in February.  In conjunction with a 1.8-point widening of the manufacturing PMI […] More