Super Committee’s Failure Blamed for Falling Stock Prices Today

November 21, 2011

No deal was struck by the Super Committee on deficit reduction, as Republicans wouldn’t budge on their refusal to lift taxes and Democrats dug in their heels against gutting entitlement spending.  Equity prices fell in response as they had during the summer deficit battles that resulted in S&P’s downgrading of America’s credit rating to AA+.  […] More

Labor Market Better in Canada than the United States

September 10, 2010

Canadian employment rose 35.8K last month, which is the same percentage increase as a 271K gain in the U.S. labor market.  U.S. jobs contracted by 54K for a second straight time in August, by comparison.  Over the past five months, Canadian jobs expanded at a 3.6% annualized rate, three times as fast as the increase […] More