Japanese yen

Yen Strengthens Beyond 106 per Dollar Level

March 15, 2018

The yen added to Wednesday’s climb, rising a further 0.4% on balance against the dollar overnight and touching a 2-week high of 105.78 at one point. The yen has been strengthening in spite of Prime Minister Abe’s political problems. Japan’s currency offers an alternative for investors worried about the chaos swirling around the Trump presidency […] More

Weaker Yen in Early Tuesday Trading

March 13, 2018

Ahead of the release of U.S. consumer price data, the yen has dropped 0.8% against the dollar to a near 2-week low and 3-week low versus the euro. Japanese producer prices and its tertiary index were released overnight. Japanese domestic corporate goods prices were unchanged in February, trimming their 12-month rate of increase to 2.5% […] More

Thanksgiving 2016 Gives Japan Reason to Be Grateful

November 24, 2016

The yen, which had been as strong as 101.20 per dollar on November 9, extended its post-U.S. election slide to a low today of 113.54. EUR/YEN strengthened past 119.1. Japanese share prices have rallied on the more competitive yen, rising another 0.9% overnight. While U.S. and other sovereign debt yields have climbed, the 10-year Japanese […] More

Stronger Yen as End-2014 Draws Closer

December 30, 2014

The dollar fell 1.0% against the Japanese yen on balance and got as strong overnight as 119.18 at one point, its best level since December 19.  The yen was buoyed by the Bank of Japan’s announcement that it will be buying JGBs with longer maturities.  The yen’s overnight high against the euro was 145.11. The […] More

Japanese Yen: Large Corrections to a Long-Term Uptrend

January 14, 2013

Japanese politicians since the 1950s have preferred a soft and competitive yen to a rising exchange rate and have not been bashful about expressing those preferences.  Prime Minister Abe is hardly the first official to use verbal intervention to counter yen strength, but he has been particularly convincing in this quest.  Abe’s timing is good, […] More

Stocks Falter in Europe

October 23, 2012

Share prices have dropped 0.9% in Germany, 0.8% in Britain, 0.6% in Italy and France and 0.5% in Spain.  In the Pacific Rim earlier, equities declined by 1.3% in China, 0.8% in South Korea, 0.5% in Taiwan, 0.4% in India and 0.3% in Indonesia but rose 0.7% in Hong Kong, 0.4% in New Zealand and […] More

Why the Yen is Strong

September 14, 2011

First, here’s some history.  Prior to the summer of 1971 when most dollar exchange rates were fixed, a dollar was worth 360 yen.  In the 1970s, Japan’s currency appreciated 50% to 240 per dollar, and it climbed another 67% to 144/USD by the end of the 1980s.  When the euro was launched at the end […] More