Japanese deflation

A Few Thoughts with Year-End Approaching

December 14, 2021

Historic Yearend Weakness of Dollar Against Europe’s Dominant Currency: This yearend tendency was very pronounced during the early days of flexible dollar rates following the March 1973 abandonment of fixed parities. Between mid-December and end-December from 1974 through 1987, the dollar recorded a net gain against the Deutsche mark only in 1984, while depreciating in […] More

Bundesbank Says Not So Fast

July 27, 2012

After ECB President Draghi yesterday said the central bank will do whatever is needed to preserve the euro, officials at the German Bundesbank reaffirmed their opposition to buying peripheral sovereign debt via the SMP facility.  An ECB meeting is scheduled next Thursday. A number of further indications of softer European economic activity emerged in released […] More