German industrial output

Stronger Dollar and a Few Central Bank Policy Meetings

February 7, 2017

The theme of tightening Fed policy and looser U.S. fiscal policy returned to the fore, lifting the dollar overnight by 1.1% against the euro, 0.8% versus the Swiss franc, loonie and sterling, 0.6% relative to the yen, 0.5% against the Australian dollar, 0.4% versus the Mexican peso and 0.3% vis-a-vis the New Zealand dollar and […] More

Stocks Up, Sterling Up and Dollar Mostly Down

June 7, 2016

Sterling recovered around 1%. ¬†Today’s released polls showed voters narrowing favoring staying in the EU, whereas yesterday’s releases gave an edge to the “leave” camp. The dollar otherwise is down 1.0% against the Australian dollar, 0.4% versus the Swiss franc, 0.3% relative to the kiwi and loonie but unchanged against the euro and 0.1% higher […] More

Dollar Narrowly Mixed Ahead of U.S. Monthly Jobs Report

February 6, 2015

The dollar is unchanged against sterling, down 0.2% against the Swiss franc and Japanese yen, up 0.2% vis-a-vis the euro, up 0.1% relative to the loonie but down 0.1% against the Chinese yuan.¬† Larger declines of 0.6% against the Australian dollar and 0.4% relative to the New Zealand dollar have occurred. This week’s 50-basis point […] More

Lower Share Prices Again

October 7, 2014

Stocks fell 1.1% in India, 0.7% in Japan, and 0.6% in Taiwan.  The DOW is off 0.7%, and European equities have fallen by 1.9% in Spain, 1.5% in France and Italy, 0.9% in Germany and 0.8% in Britain.  Investors were bummed out by confusing Japanese policy signals and a much-greater-than-anticipated 4.0% drop in German  industrial […] More

Tensions Intensify in Italy but Ease in Greece

November 7, 2011

Greek Prime Minister Papandreou is stepping down in favor of a temporary coalition government whose leader is yet to be named.  The Unity Government will be installed tomorrow and must reaffirm allegiance to the October 27 bailout plan.  Then the next EUR 8 billion loan from the EU will be received.  Greek voters will elect […] More

Portugal Asks for a Bailout

April 7, 2011

Investors have a lot to watch: Details of Portuguese bailout, which is said to start out as a request for about EUR 75 billion but likely to reach EUR 90 billion.  Terms should be similar to those given earlier to Greece and Ireland.  A side issue is whether pressure now escalates on Spain, whose economics […] More