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A Sharp Increase in European Long-Term Sovereign Debt Yields

June 6, 2018

Ten-year sovereign debt yields have recorded daily increases of 9 basis points in Italy and France, 8 bps in The Netherlands, 7 bps in Germany and Greece, 6 bps in Switzerland and the U.K., 5 bps in Spain and 4 basis points in Portugal. Yields in North America are up 4 bps in Canada and […] More

Lessening Market Impact from Spanish Political Strains

October 5, 2017

Spain’s stock market has rebounded 1.7% after government officials in Madrid took a hard line against negotiations with Catalan. In contrast, investors have become even more worried about the possibility that British Prime Minister Theresa May may before yearend get the gong from hard-line Brexiters in her own Conservative Party. The dollar advanced 0.9% against […] More

Quiet Markets in Absence of U.S. Leadership

July 4, 2014

Overnight dollar movements on this 238-year U.S. birthday amount to 0.2% or less. The notable change is a 1.35 handle on EUR/USD. Share prices in the Pacific Rim went up 0.6% in Japan and Australia, 0.5% in India, 0.4% in New Zealand and Indonesia but slipped by 0.1% in China and South Korea.  In Europe, […] More

Markets Seeking Direction from the ECB Today

June 5, 2014

Investors are marking time ahead of the ECB rate announcement and press conference at 11:45 GMT and 12:30 GMT, respectively.  Rates are expected to be cut slightly, and there probably will be other unconventional moves to promote bank lending.  Yesterday’s Federal Reserve Beige Book report had depicted modest to moderate continuing growth with low inflation. […] More

Optimism Ahead of U.S. Jobs Report

April 4, 2014

The U.S. Labor Department report is eagerly awaited for confirmation that the U.S. shook off its winter doldrums.  Economists have predicted a better 190K advance in nonfarm jobs, but the whisper numbers in the street go as high as 250K in the wake of Wednesday’s ADP private employment estimate.  The jobless rate is seen falling […] More