dollar and oil

Currency Outlook Highly Dependent on Price of Oil

April 19, 2016

Juxtaposed against rising oil prices, the dollar has depreciated around 2.5% on a trade-weighted basis over the past month.  The U.S. currency has declined by similar percentages against the yen, loonie, and Australian dollar and even more sharply versus the kiwi.  Smaller drops of roughly 1% occurred against the euro and Swiss franc.  A major […] More

EUR/USD and the Price of Oil

October 14, 2015

EUR/USD and the price of oil (West Texas Intermediate) have moved more or less inversely since the cost of energy peaked in June 2014.  This correlation can been observed in the table below of month-end to month-end changes in the dollar against the euro and of the price of oil.  The direction of change in […] More