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COVID-19 Shakes Investor Confidence in Financial Market and Economic Forecasts

February 24, 2020

The coronavirus outbreak that surfaced initially in China some two months ago presents the greatest known unknown to hit financial markets in some time. The disease is spreading geographically in patterns that have health professionals quite perplexed, and that isn’t surprising since asymptomatic victims can be infectious days before feeling sick. Not enough time has […] More

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Steep Slide in Equities as Covid-19 Virus Spreads Beyond China in Unidentifiable Ways

February 24, 2020

Reported coronavirus cases and deaths jumped over the weekend in three disparate countries (South Korea, Italy and Iran). Not only are these place far apart in distance, but scientists have been in many instances unable to connect the exact source of exposure outside of China. It’s been difficult to separate fact from fiction as all […] More