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Deeper Analysis

September and the Third Quarter in Figures

September 30, 2019

A well-bid dollar in the third quarter correlated with lesser gains in U.S. equity prices than in the stock markets of Germany and Japan. Despite intensifying White House complaints that the Fed isn’t cutting U.S. interest rates enough, two reductions of the federal funds target were engineered in the quarter totaling 50 basis points. In […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

Typical Monthend Deluge of Data

September 30, 2019

On this final day of September and the third quarter, the dollar and sterling rose somewhat against other major currencies. The dollar is up 0.5% against the Swiss franc, 0.4% relative to the euro and kiwi, 0.3% vis-a-vis the yuan, 0.2% versus the Australian dollar and peso and 0.1% against the yen and loonie. Sterling […] More