Sri Lankan Interest Rates Cut

May 31, 2019

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka cut its interest rates by a half percentage point, citing the Easter terrorist attacks there, easier monetary policies elsewhere, downward rigidity in Sri Lankan market rates, slowing private sector credit expansion, a narrowed trade deficit, and subpar domestic growth. A recent uptick of inflation was dismissed as not being a threat to the medium term inflation outlook.

The Standing deposit facility rate was sliced to 7.5%, while the standing lending facility rate becomes 8.5%. Only last November, those rates had been raised by 75  and 50 basis points, respectively, as a counterpoint to a 1.5 percentage point reduction of bank reserve requirements to 6.0%. At that time, officials stressed that the rate hikes did not represent a tightening of the monetary policy stance but rather were needed to neutralize the expansionary impact of reducing the reserve requirement.

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