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Deeper Analysis

Growth in U.S. Manufacturing Slowed Sharply Last Month Both Absolutely and Relative to Euroland Counterpart

January 3, 2019

In contrast to November when the ISM-compiled U.S. purchasing managers index exceeded the IHS-compiled PMI for the euro area by the widest margin in four years, that differential in December narrowed by 4.8 index points in December to an 8-month low of 2.7 points. The U.S. index dropped 5.2 points to a 25-month low of […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

China-Sensitive Stocks Falter while Yen and Gold Climb

January 3, 2019

As U.S. stocks tumbled last month, optimists proclaimed that the drop presented a buying opportunity and would prove short-lived because U.S. economic data trends remained solid. Now investors are getting validation that they were right to worry that America’s ill-advised tariff policy imposed on a world economy that already was slowing would generate more damage […] More