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Foreign Exchange Insights and Next Week

Spotlight on Sterling

August 6, 2018

As a former hegemonic reserve currency with enormous residual offshore holdings, sterling is intrinsically susceptible to being shoved around disproportionately whenever favorable or unfavorable fundamental economic shifts arise. From $2.80 prior to the November 1967 devaluation, the pound slid to a low of $1.55 less than a decade later in October 1976 and touched an […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

Sterling Slide Extended

August 6, 2018

The pound ended last week on a weak note after Bank of England Governor Carney flagged “an uncomfortably high” risk that Britain leaves the EU without any negotiated deal. That message was reinforced over the weekend by Trade Minister Fox’s perception of 60-40 odds in favor of no deal, and sterling slipped a bit below […] More