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Central Bank Watch

Bank of Israel Interest Rate Policy Continues in Extended Pause

December 29, 2014

Israel’s central bank interest rate of 0.25% over the past four months is not likely to change in 2015 according to the latest Bank of Israel statement that defends today’s decision not to modify policy. The Bank of Israel interest rate is expected, according to the staff forecast, to remain at 0.25 percent throughout 2015 […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

More Stimulus in China and Japan but a Political Turn for the Worse in Greece

December 29, 2014

Japanese Prime Minister Abe has approved a 3.5 trillion fiscal stimulus (roughly $29 billion) as part of a supplementary fiscal 2014 budget.  The extra spending will help small businesses among other things. To provide more liquidity into China’s money market, the central bank there loosened rules governing the bank loan-to-deposit ratios of non-deposit-taking financial institutions. […] More