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Central Bank Watch

Another Tightening of Russian Monetary Policy

April 25, 2014

Officials at the Central Bank of the Russian Federation raised their one-week auction rate to 7.5% today and indicated that a cut in coming months is not in the cards.  This tightening of monetary conditions follows a 150-basis point hike on March 3 and comes amid accelerating inflation and a mounting risk of rising inflation […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

Stocks Down but Dollar Pretty Steady

April 25, 2014

Share prices fell 1.9% in Taiwan, 1.5% in Hong Kong, 1.3% in South Korea, 1.0% in China, 0.8% in India and 0.5% in Singapore.  Equities firmed 0.2% in Japan.  European stocks so far show losses of 0.9% in Germany and Italy, 0.8% in Spain, 0.4% in France and 0.2% in Switzerland and Great Britain.  U.S. equities […] More