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Deeper Analysis

Double-Dip Recessions – Part Two

August 12, 2010

I posted an an article on this site eight days ago presenting the results of an examination into the frequency of “double-dip recessions” in the United States.  That article noted their rare occurrence — only three in the nineteenth century and two more in the last century — and pointed out that single recessions are […] More

Central Bank Watch

No Change This Month in South Korean Central Bank Rate

August 12, 2010

The decision by the Bank of Korea to leave the seven-day repurchase rate at 2.25% seems to be a pause rather than an indefinite halt in efforts to return to a more normal, less accommodative monetary stance.  Officials expect the domestic economy to “continue on an upward track, even in the presence of external risk” […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

An Unscheduled Press Conference in Japan

August 12, 2010

There’s been lots of attention on the yen after such touched a 15-year high of 84.75/USD on Wednesday.  A Bank of Japan official confirmed the central bank had been checking market yen rates earlier today and warned that disorderly movements could hurt Japan’s economy.  At an unscheduled press conference, Finance Minister Noda stuck to the […] More