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Currency Markets in the News

New Growth Forecasts From the OECD

March 31, 2009

The Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, headquartered in Paris, has 30 members.  All of the G-7 (U.S., Japan, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, and Canada) belong to the OECD, which also includes 14 other Western European nations, 4 Eastern European countries, Australia, South Korea, Mexico, Turkey and New Zealand.  The table below presents the new […] More

Canadian GDP Contracting Very Sharply

March 31, 2009

The monthly supply-side measure of Canadian GDP fell another 0.7% in January.  That drop was slightly greater than expected and brings the annualized rate of contraction over the three months between October and January to marginally more than 9%. Weakness in those three months was led by a plunge in factory output of nearly 30% […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

New Overnight Developments Abroad: Another Market Reversal

March 31, 2009

Yesterday saw the yen and dollar rise, but today they fell.  The dollar gained 1.4% against the yen but sank otherwise by 1.7% relative to the Australian dollar, 1.5% against the kiwi, 1.0% versus the euro, 0.9% against the Swissy and Canadian dollar and 0.3% versus sterling. Other market moves today are also consistent with […] More