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Monday, Monday

January 12, 2009

Days like today with a lack of market-moving data releases or official speeches happen mostly on Mondays.  These are days for reflection. Look to any news source, print or electronic, and the content and analysis are depressing.  The unifying theme is the absence of public confidence in just about everything including the private and public […] More

Currency Markets in the News

Expected Economic Growth in 2009

January 12, 2009

The Economist conducts a survey of forecasters each month, soliciting estimates of key economic trends including GDP growth. The table below of the results of the last six surveys illustrates the rapidly deteriorating outlook in the Group of Seven and Australia. The figures depict projected 2009 growth in GDP. The recession was only a month […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

New Overnight Developments Abroad: Stocks, Oil Prices, and Commodity Currencies Lower

January 12, 2009

There’s not much news to start the second week of 2009. Currencies dominated by commodity currency weakness and yen strength. The dollar advanced 2.6% against the Aussie dollar, 2.1% relative to the kiwi, 1.5% against sterling, 0.9% against the Canadian dollar and 0.4% against the Swiss franc. The yen is 0.4% stronger against the dollar. […] More