The Week in Figures

September 19, 2008

After a week as wild and woolly as this one, a tally of net changes is in order.

Since the close on Friday, September 12, the dollar fell 3.1% against the New Zealand dollar, 2.3% against the Swiss franc, 2.1% against sterling, 1.8% against the euro, 1.4% against the Australian dollar, 1.2% against the Canadian dollar and 0.5% against the Japanese yen.

Three-month euro-deposit rates (LIBOR) advanced by 37 basis points for the United states, 30 basis points for Britain, and 28 basis points for Canada and Australia, but gains were limited to 6 basis points for Switzerland, 5 basis points for Euroland, and one basis point for Japan.

Movements in ten-year sovereign bond yields were mixed, rising 10 bps in Canada, 8 bps in the United States and 6 bps in Euroland, but dropping 18 bps in Australia, 14 bps in Switzerland, and 6 bps in Japan.  Ten-year British Gilt yields closed unchanged for the week.

Net changes in share price indices were surprisingly tame given the extraordinary day-to-day swings.  The Nikkei fell 2.4%, and the British Ftse dropped 2.0%.  The German Dax slid 0.7%, the DJIA edged down 0.3%, and both the Toronto 300 (+0.4%) and the Nasdaq (0.6%) eked out net gains on balance.

Gold soared 14.5%, while oil lost 5.6% despite jumping 14.2% after Wednesday.



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