U.S. jobs gap

U.S. Jobs Gap

June 10, 2014

The discrepancy between actual non-farm U.S. payroll jobs and their long-term trend is wider now than in February 2010, the month of the Great recession trough in jobs.  The long-term trend in employment growth is 1.84% per year.   Jobs rose approximately at that average rate both during the ten years between January 1980 and January […] More

The U.S. Jobs Deficit

February 9, 2012

America’s jobs deficit recently climbed above 30 million workers.  Although U.S. labor market data have improved considerably of late, Fed Chairman Bernanke continues to emphasize the market’s very weak overall level rather than the better pace of change, and he’s correct to do so.  U.S. nonfarm payroll employment recorded identical rates of growth of 1.84% […] More