U.S. CPI inflation

Comments on U.S. Current Account, Consumer Prices, and Monetary Policy

June 18, 2015

Balance of payments data out today confirm a weakening that foreshadows the dollar’s correction downward since mid-March.  The $113.3 billion current account deficit in the first quarter was $10.2 billion wider than the prior quarter’s imbalance.  The deficit increased as well in each of the final two quarters of 2014, bringing the three-quarter cumulative deterioration […] More

A Third of a Century of U.S. Disinflation

October 24, 2014

After accelerating from 7.0% per annum during the three years to end-1978 to 11.0% during the three years to end-1981, core consumer price inflation slowed to 4.7% per year between end-1981 and end-1984, 4.1% in 1985-87, 4.7% in 1988-90, 3.6% in 1991-3, 2.8% in 1994-96, 2.2% in 1997-1999, 2.4% in 2000-02, 1.8% in 2003-05, 2.3% […] More