U.S. and Ezone purchasing manager indices

PMIs: Sharp Relative Improvement in the U.S. Economy Between June and August

September 5, 2013

The sum of the U.S.-minus-Euroland service-sector and manufacturing purchasing manager index spreads was a full point greater than in July 5.6 points better than in June.  At 12.2 points, the U.S. enjoyed its largest advantage vis-a-vis the euro area since last March.  Improvement was wholly due to non-manufacturing developments. The U.S. overall PMI of 58.6 […] More

U.S. Minus Ezone PMI Services Spread Not as Wide in October as in September

November 6, 2012

The United States experienced its third best monthly service-sector advantage in 2012 versus Euroland, eclipsed only by the differentials in September and February.  The U.S. purchasing managers index dropped 0.9 points to a 2-month low of 54.2 in October, while Euroland’s comparable measured edged down a tenth of a point to 46.0, a 39-month trough.  […] More