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Snow, Dollar, Stocks and Bonds Falling on Easter Monday

April 2, 2018

A rare April snow storm is hitting the U.S. Northeast. Market volume even without the snow would have been thin because of numerous Easter Monday closures, for instance in Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Norway and Hong Kong. South Africa is observing Family Day. As a new calendar quarter kicks off, […] More

Big Further Drop in Sovereign Debt Yields

July 1, 2016

A bond market rally based on expected monetary stimulus from a variety of authorities and other pro-growth support has taken hold of world financial markets. ┬áCommodities are up, too. ┬áThe dollar is down, and profit-taking in U.S. stocks is indicated despite higher share prices in Asia and Europe. Bank of England Governor Carney gave an […] More

PMI and Japanese Tankan Results Plus a U.S. Government Shutdown

October 1, 2013

The dollar fell to multi-month lows of CHF 0.8992, 1.3589 per euro, and 1.6262 per pound after the U.S. Congress failed to avert a partial shutdown of the federal government that will lay off close to a million workers.  Obama warned of economic consequences.  The dollar is now off its lows and shows net overnight […] More

Considerable Quantity of New Data to Absorb

December 15, 2011

At the quarterly monetary policy review, the Swiss National Bank did not adopt a weaker franc/euro ceiling rate but instead retained the 1.2000 level, which has been policy since September 6.  The franc as a result is today’s strongest currency, rising 1.0% against the dollar.  SNB officials also retained a zero-0.25% target range for three-month […] More

Market Buzz Looking for Better-Than-Forecast U.S. Job Gains in March

April 1, 2011

Analysts have been projecting a 200K increase in nonfarm payroll jobs, but many market traders believe the figure may be closer to 300K than 200K.  The catalyst for these euphoric whisper numbers was an interview of Minneapolis Fed President Kocherlakota suggesting 50 basis points of rate tightening later this year. The dollar is mixed on […] More