Mitt Romney

Romney’s Threat to Declare China a "Currency Manipulator"

October 18, 2012

If elected president, Mitt Romney has promised to reclassify The People’s Republic of China as a currency manipulator immediately after taking office.  It’s unlikely that he could do this before May.  The Treasury Department, a branch the executive department, examines currencies semi-annually in May and November, and those reports provide the venue for deciding if […] More

European Stocks and the Euro Suffer Setback

September 18, 2012

Share prices in Europe are having their worst session in two weeks.  Such have so far slumped by 2.3% in Italy, 1.8% in Spain, 1.3% in France, 1.1% in Germany, and 0.9% in Britain. The euro declined 0.4% against the dollar, which otherwise is unchanged against the Swiss franc, sterling, kiwi and yuan.  Another relative weak […] More