Larry Summers

Spotlight on the U.S.

September 13, 2013

Currency markets have been marking time ahead of the U.S. release of retail sales, producer prices, and the latest Reuters/U. Michigan reading of U.S. consumer confidence.  The dollar is unchanged against the yuan, loonie and sterling.  It is 0.1% softer versus the kiwi and has edged up 0.1% relative to the euro, Swissie, and yen.  […] More

Geopolitical Market Havoc

August 27, 2013

The Middle East again is holding the rest of the world hostage, as the U.S. feels compelled to respond to Syria’s alleged use of chemical weapons against its own citizens. Commodities have spike 1.4% in the case of gold to $1412.0 per ounce and 1.2% in the case of WTI crude oil to $107.21 per […] More