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U.S. and Canadian Labor Markets Lost Momentum Last Quarter

October 8, 2010

U.S. non-farm payroll jobs slumped 218K in the third quarter following a 570K advance in the second quarter.  Canada’s labor market, where employment had shot up 226.6K  in the second quarter, added only 19.9K positions in 3Q.  In September alone, both economies lost jobs, Canada for the second time in three months and the United […] More

Geithner NYT Editorial Not a Game Changer

August 3, 2010

A defense of the Obama economic policy record by Treasury Secretary Geithner appears in today’s New York Times.  The accomplishments mentioned are standard ones.  They contain no fresh claims, and will do little to resurrect the administration’s popularity.  Geithner writes that Nobody expected recovery from the great recession to be easy or quick. GDP has […] More