German bund yield

Markets React Uneasily to Yesterday’s Remarks by Fed Chair Janet Yellen

May 7, 2015

The big uncertainty for some time has been whether markets and economies could handle a rising trend in the federal funds rate and whether inability to do so might deter Fed officials from getting the policy stance to where it wants.  The gist of Yellen’s remarks on Wednesday is that there is no alternative to […] More

Weak Japanese Data and a New Low in German 10-Year Bund Yield

July 29, 2014

Although unchanged on balance, the bund touched 1.119% overnight, which was even below the prior record low of 1.127% in June 2012. Japanese real household spending and retail sales posted third on-year declines in a row, while jobless rate rose to a five-month high. On the geopolitical tension front, Israel intensified its offensive against Gaza, […] More