Tightening Monetary Policies Continue to Lift the Dollar but Depress Share Prices

August 22, 2022

Financial markets are in a risk-averse mood ahead of the annual Jackson Hole Symposium that begins at the end of this week. U.S. stock futures were down 1.0-1.5% shortly before the opening bell. European stock markets had sunk so far today by 2.1% in Germany, 1.7% in Italy, 1.6% in France and 1.0% in Spain. […] More

Currently Strong Dollar Levels Against the Yen, Euro and Sterling in the Context of Historical Extremes

June 21, 2022

Dollar/Yen: A dollar high of 136.33 yen earlier constituted its most elevated level since September 1998 when Asia was embroiled in a debt crisis. During 2021, the dollar had strengthened against the yen from a low of 102.6 to 115.1 at the end of the year. The dollar’s historically weakest value against the yen, 75.55, […] More

Euro Touches but Doesn’t Penetrate $1.1400

October 12, 2015

Market activity this Monday will be blunted by holiday closures in the United States (Columbus Day), Spain (Hispanic Day), Japan (Health Sports Day) and Canada (Thanksgiving).  Only minor data were released today. The IMF/World Bank meeting in Lima, Peru wound up with Director Lagarde warning of the dangers of premature tightening of monetary policy, and […] More