Euroland industrial production and trade balance

Less Confidence About Where Inflation May Be Headed

January 13, 2023

Financial market participants are grasping for every straw about inflation the way they once did regarding news about the Covid-19 pandemic. Because there is so much uncertainty regarding each, wide daily and intra-day swings have become common, as each incremental piece of news tips sentiment. In the short first two weeks of 2022, one story […] More

Japanese GDP Reported and Many Holiday Closures

February 15, 2021

It’s President’s Day in the United States, Carnival in Brazil, Family Day in Canada, and the continuing Lunar New Year holiday break in China and several other Asian markets. The dollar is narrowly mixed and down 0.1% on a trade-weighted basis. Ice-cold temperatures in much of the United States have lifted West Texas Intermediate crude […] More