British budget

Awaiting the FOMC Decision and Digesting Other Developments

March 16, 2016

Trump and Clinton were big winners in Tuesday’s primary elections, winning North Carolina, Florida, Illinois and each leading narrowly in Missouri votes that remain too close to call. ¬†Ohio was captured by Clinton and Kasich. Trump may skip the next Republican debate and predicts violence at the Salt Lake City convention if Republican establishment attempts […] More

Comments on the British Budget and Relevance to Fiscal Discussions in America

March 20, 2013

The British Budget avoided surprises.  It was already well-advertised by the team of Prime Minister David Cameron and his financial sidekick George Osborne that there is to be no backing down from a strategy of austerity in the face of excessive fiscal deficit spending and rising debt, never mind that weak growth (and in turn […] More

British Budget Highlights and Thoughts

March 23, 2011

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne did not flinch from the deep deficit-reducing fiscal strategy adopted last year in spite of last quarter’s unexpected investment-led drop in real GDP, a rise in unemployment to 8%, and the weakest consumer confidence in some two years.  The main headline to emerge from Osborne’s second budget address, a […] More