Out of Fixed Income Assets and Into Stocks

November 15, 2019

After a few days that saw sovereign debt yields decline, ten-year U.S. Treasuries, German bunds and British gilts each rose two basis points overnight. In stock market action, equities rose 0.9% in Australia, 1.1% in South Korea, 0.7% in Japan and Taiwan but slipped 0.6% in China. European stock markets so far show gains of 0.5% in Spain, 0.6% in Switzerland, 0.4% in France, 0.3% in Italy and the U.K., and 0.2% in Germany.

Prices for WTI oil and Comex gold have slid 0.2% and 0.6%, and the dollar is mostly lower, with drops of 0.5% versus the peso, 0.4% against the kiwi, 0.2% relative to the Australian dollar and Chinese yuan, and 0.1% vis-a-vis the yen, loonie, and euro. Sterling is steady.

The Governing Board of the Bank of Mexico voted 5-2 in favor of a third consecutive 25-basis point interest rate cut, which becomes 7.5%. The two dissenters wanted a 50-basis point reduction. The combined 75-basis point reduction remains small in comparison with 500 basis points of tightening during 2016-18. Officials released a statement that notes continuing “marked uncertainty,” cuts projected growth, and foresees inflation hovering around the 3% target.

CPI inflation in the euro area was confirmed at the provisional estimate of 0.7%, which is its lowest pace since November 2016. Core inflation stood at 1.1% last month, similar to 1.2% in October 2018.

Euroland’s trade surplus narrowed to EUR 18.3 billion in September on a seasonally adjusted basis from EUR 19.7 billion in August. The year-to-date unadjusted surplus of EUR 155.5 billion was 5.6% wider than a year earlier.

Euroland’s index of leading economic indicators fell in October for a sixth straight month. The cumulative decline over that half-year span exceeded 2.0%.

Japanese industrial production and shipments in September were revised slightly above provisional estimates to now show monthly gains of 1.7% and 1.5%. But output still recorded drops in the third quarter of 0.5% from 2Q and 0.8% from a year earlier. Capacity fell 0.7% compared to September 2018, while capacity utilization was only 0.2% higher than a year earlier.

New house prices in China recorded their smallest 12-month rate of increase (7.8%) in October since August of 2018.

The street chaos in Hong Kong remained intense this Friday, even as released GDP data from there revealed a whopping 3.2% contraction from the previous quarter and resulted in the first on-year drop (2.9%) in 10 years. This was the third drop of GDP in four quarters, moreover.

Malaysian real GDP posted its smallest on-year advance (4.4%) in a year last quarter.

Turkey’s unadjusted jobless rate edged up 0.1 percentage point to a 5-month high of 14.0% in August, but the seasonally adjusted pace eased modestly. Turkish retail sales were higher than a year earlier by 2.7% in September, breaking a streak of on-year declines going back to September 2018.

Italian CPI inflation of 0.2% in October was down from 0.3% in September and 1.6% last November. In the 12 months through October, consumer prices eased 0.5% in Cyprus, and producer prices in Denmark fell by 3.0%.

Public hearings on a possible Trump impeachment resume today. House representatives will hear from the former ambassador to Ukraine.

U.S. industrial production fell twice as much in October (0.8%) as had been forecast, resulting in a 1.1% slide from a year earlier. Capacity usage declined 0.8 percentage points to a 25-month low of 76.7%. Retail sales growth of 0.3% last month only offset September’s decline, and although the rise marginally exceeded street forecast, sales excluding autos and gas station purchases merely firmed 0.1%.

The 12-month rate of decline in U.S. import prices nearly doubled to a 39-month high of 3.0% in October from 1.6% in September. New York’s Empire State manufacturing index fell 1.1 points to a 2-month low reading in November of 2.9.

It’s Proclamation Day in Brazil. Sri Lanka’s last monetary policy review of 2019 was rescheduled from today to November 29th.

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