Euroland CPI and trade balance

Out of Fixed Income Assets and Into Stocks

November 15, 2019

After a few days that saw sovereign debt yields decline, ten-year U.S. Treasuries, German bunds and British gilts each rose two basis points overnight. In stock market action, equities rose 0.9% in Australia, 1.1% in South Korea, 0.7% in Japan and Taiwan but slipped 0.6% in China. European stock markets so far show gains of […] More

Market Breather as Week Draws to a Close

December 16, 2016

Relentless market trends since the U.S. election characterized by a rising dollar and higher share prices but weaker bond and gold prices paused on this final day of the week. The weeks before and after Christmas are potentially unpredictable even in times not characterized by high uncertainty.¬†Action at the yearend holidays ranges from listless to […] More