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Deeper Analysis

Manufacturing growth in the U.S. Accelerated More Rapidly in September than its Euro Area Counterpart

October 2, 2017

A grinding appreciation of the euro has been correlated with an improving trend in U.S. manufacturing relative to its Euroland counterpart. The euro last month averaged $1.1905, the strongest monthly mean since December 2014. Not coincidentally, the U.S.-minus-Euroland factory PMI differential of +2.7 in September was higher than any month since December 2014. The Institute […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

Final Quarter of 2017 Kicks Off With a Bang

October 2, 2017

Spain’s Catalan region is closer to a declaration of independence after the weekend’s vote, which the national government considered illegal, evoked widespread police violence directed at people trying to vote. Spanish equities tumbled 1.5% in response, and Spain’s ten-year sovereign debt yield leaped ten basis points.┬áThe euro was dragged 0.6% lower against the dollar. A […] More