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Central Bank Watch

Central Bank of Hungary

April 25, 2017

At this month’s meeting of Hungary’s Monetary Council, officials left interest rates including the 0.90% Base Rate unchanged as expected. The rate was slashed from 7.0% prior to August 2012┬áto 2.1% over the ensuing two years, reduced by a further 75 basis points in March-July of 2015 and again by 45 basis points in three […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

Volatile Markets

April 25, 2017

In the aftermath of the French election and with the risk of a partial U.S. government shutdown still looming, big market moves continued on Tuesday. Better-than-expected U.S. corporate earnings reports from the likes of Caterpillar are extending the U.S. stock market rally. Equities in Asia closed up 1.4% in Hong Kong, 1.3% in Taiwan, 1.1% […] More