2017 Fact Sheet

January 9, 2017

Dollar High/Low Trading Ranges in 2016 versus 2015 ranges in ().

$1.0352 to $1.1616 per euro   ($1.0459 – 1.2108)

121.11 to 99.01 yen per dollar   (125.86 – 115.86)

$1.1807 to $1.5019 per pound sterling   ($1.4566 – 1.5930)

1.0343 to 0.9445 Swiss francs per dollar   (1.0328 – 0.7424)

1.4690 to 1.2462 Canadian dollars per USD   (1.4001 – 1.1600)

0.6827 to 0.7835 AUD per USD   (0.6902 – 0.8295)

0.6348 to 0.7485 NZD per USD   (0.6121 – 0.7890)

6.9615 to 6.4555 yuan per dollar   (6.4935 – 6.1327)

Voting Federal Open Market Committee Members in 2017

All the Governors: At full strength there should be seven but the current total is five, giving President-Elect Trump two vacancies to fill. Chair Janet Yellen’s term runs through February 3, 2018. Trump is likely to announce a replacement sometime in the second half of the year. Vice-Chair Fisher’s term ends June 12, 2018.

Presidents of the Following Fed Districts: New York (Dudley), Chicago (Evans), Philadelphia (Harker), Dallas (Kaplan) and Minnesota (Kashkari).

Some Key Elections Scheduled for 2017

Dutch Parliament on March 15

France Presidential: Two rounds on April 23 and May 7. French Parliamentary on June 11 and 18

Iran Presidency: May 19

Norway Parliament: September 11

German Parliament: Probably in September

New Zealand Parliament: By November

Others Electing Presidents: South Korea, Singapore & Thailand

Trump Presidential Inaugural: January 20th. First 100 days ending April 29 are expected to see a radical succession of executive orders, appointments and other actions, overturning much of the Obama legacy and other policies that have lasted for decades.

U.S. Supreme Court: Nine-person court currently has one vacancy. The current eight justices include left-leaning Ginzburg (aged 83-1/4), Breyer (78-1/3) and Sotomayor (62-1/2). Kennedy, a centrist, is 80-1/2.

Treasury Department Foreign Exchange Policies of Major Trading Partners of the United States: Published in April and October. A possible redesignation of China as a currency manipulator would be announced on one of these occasions.

Other Key Events and Meetings

January 1: Malta assumes EU Presidency, a 6-month term.

January 17-20: World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

March 31: Latest date for Prime Minister May to invoke Article 50, which would start a two-year timetable for Britain leaving the European Union.

April 21-23: Semi-annual IMF/World Bank meetings in Washington. By custom, G-20 finance ministers and central bank chiefs confer on such occasions.

May or sooner: Turkish referendum on constitutional reform.

May 25: OPEC oil ministers hold semi-annual meeting in Vienna.

May 25 – June 25: Ramadan

May 26: G7 summit in Italy.

July 1: Estonia assumes EU Presidency.

July 7: Annual summit of G-20 political leaders, to be held in Hamburg, Germany.

October: IMF/World Bank hold their second gathering of the year.

November 5-11: Leaders from the 21 members of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meet in Vietnam.

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