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The Trouble with U.S. Income Inequality

June 1, 2015

In a thought experiment, imagine two scenarios each with a U.S. population of 100 people and a rise in real GDP of $1,000.  In the first case, everyone’s income rises by $10, but in the second, the entire incremental GDP of $1,000 is reaped by a single individual, and the other 99 residents experience no […] More

Deeper Analysis

U.S. Factory PMI Back Above Eurozone PMI

June 1, 2015

The U.S. minus Euroland PMI spread rose 1.1 points to +0.6 points in May after negative differentials of -0.5 in April and -0.7 in March.  Between November and February, the spread had narrowed from 7.5 points to 1.9 points.  A 1.3-point rise of the U.S. manufacturing purchasing managers index to 52.8 in May was led […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

Parade of the PMIs

June 1, 2015

Around 25 purchasing manager surveys, almost all covering the manufacturing sector, have already been reported today.  German state CPI figures and an estimate of Japanese business investment last quarter were also released. Still no compromise between Greece and its creditors involving reforms for aid has been reached.   Greece needs to make a payment to the […] More