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Deeper Analysis

U.S. and Canadian Labor Statistics

April 9, 2012

U.S. real GDP grew at identical annualized rates of 2.4% in the second halves of 2010 and 2011.  In between, growth weakened precipitously in the first half of last year to an annualized 0.8% pace because of elevated energy costs, damage to financial markets from the euro debt crisis, and the disruption of supply lines […] More

Central Bank Watch

Bank of Japan Preview

April 9, 2012

This month’s two-day meeting of the Bank of Japan Policy Board is unlikely to result in a policy change.  An unexpected easing in February was made when the yen was trading at 77.5 per dollar and has promoted some depreciation but not as much as monetary officials would like.  Japan’s economy shows some signs of […] More

New Overnight Developments Abroad - Daily Update

A Few Open Markets Reacting to Friday’s Poor U.S. Labor Statistics

April 9, 2012

The first week of April saw a resurgence of risk aversion centered on worries about Spanish and Italian debt but culminating in a surprisingly weak U.S. March jobs report released on Good Friday.  The euro remains fractionally above $1.3000 but is softer than its 20-day moving average.  From Friday’s closing levels, the dollar is down […] More