Next Week

March 2, 2012

A very active week lies ahead from both the standpoint of scheduled interest rate policy meetings and release of potentially market-moving data.

Central bank meetings are planned in Euroland, Poland, the U.K., Canada, Brazil, Peru, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia.

GDP data will be released for Euroland, Japan, Australia, Greece, Iceland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Belgium.  Countries reporting industrial output include Germany, France, Italy, Britain, Denmark, Norway, Brazil, and South Africa. Service-sector purchasing managers survey results are due from a slew of countries, including those in Euroland, the United States, Britain, China, India, Brazil, and China.  German and Australian construction PMI results are also arriving.

Several other Chinese statistics are due as well, including retail sales, industrial production, consumer prices and producer prices. Filipino consumer prices and South Korean producer prices are due.

Other upcoming Japanese statistics cover the index of leading economic indicators, the economy watchers index, the trade and current accounts, wage earnings, and money growth.

Friday will be jobs day in the United States.  Other U.S. statistics arriving next week include factory orders, productivity and unit labor costs, the trade deficit, consumer credit, wholesale inventories, the ADP private jobs estimate, and weekly data for energy inventories, chain store sales, consumer confidence, mortgage applications and jobless insurance claims.

Super Tuesday in the Republican presidential nomination race involves ten states: Ohio, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Idaho, Vermont, Massachusetts, Virginia, Tennessee, and Alaska.  Non-binding caucuses in Washington occur three days earlier in the state of Washington.

Canada reports labor statistics, labor productivity and trade figures, too, as well as the IVEY-PMI index, housing starts, and home prices.  Mexico releases the CPI, PPI, and consumer confidence.

Britain has a number of releases: the Halifax house price index, the RICs housing price gauge, same-store retail sales, shop prices, producer prices, and the NIESR measure of monthly GDP.

Germany announces the latest statistics covering industrial orders, industrial output, wholesale prices, consumer prices and the trade and current accounts.  From other euro area nations, investors will learn results of the Sentix index and retail sales, Italian producer prices, and French trade.

Australia reports both GDP, unemployment, and the current account.  Turkey releases both the CPI and PPI.

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