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Deeper Analysis

EU Commission Publishes Weaker Real Growth Projections

February 23, 2012

Real GDP in the euro area is now expected to contract this year by 0.3%, a 0.8 percentage point downward revision from what the EU Commission was predicting three months ago.  The dispersion of likely results among members is very wide.  Among peripherals that have received outside aid, GDP is expected to fall by 4.4% […] More

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Euro Sovereign Debt Concerns Continue to Weigh on Market Sentiment

February 23, 2012

The Greek bailout will only be as good as the assumptions about economic growth that underlie it, and those took a new hit today.  The EU revised projected GDP growth in 2012 downward to minus 0.3% from a forecast of 0.5% made in November.  For individual countries using the euro, the EU projects GDP contractions […] More