A Third Birthday for Currency Thoughts

April 8, 2011

The first two postings on this web site were screened on April 8, 2008.  One provided some biographical information on me, the blogger, and the other addressed my analytical philosophy as a forecaster and market watcher.  This is the 2,718th post, yielding a nice round figure of 906 articles per year or roughly 3-1/2 updates per working day.  The news and response of markets to current events and economic trends have been the driving forces behind what I wrote, and it would have been hard to have picked a more interesting period to cover. 

A related story remains untold, which is how the decision was made to become a blogger, the feedback and solicitations I received along the way, and what that taught me about the web as a medium for sharing my discoveries and a way to stay in the game.   The blog has given me great psychic enjoyment, and I trust that you, the audience, have found it stimulating as well.  Looking ahead, I trust the blog will continue to be invigorating.  With luck, it may even do more.

Happy Birthday, Currency Thoughts!!


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