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Deeper Analysis

Greek Rescue Plan and the Euro

April 12, 2010

EU finance ministers over the weekend announced an agreement to loan Greece up to EUR 45 billion for three years at a maximum rate of about 5.0%.  IMF money represents a third of the total, and money promised by Germany constitutes 28% of the rest, which is roughly 3/16ths of the total potential package.  Pundits […] More

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EU Spells Out Details of Bigger-Than-Expected Aid Package for Greece

April 12, 2010

Markets have reacted to weekend news of a 3-year EUR 45 billion promise of aid for Greece.  The plan puts a 5.0% ceiling on Greek interest rates.  EUR 30 billion will come from other EU countries including EUR 8.4 billion from Germany.  The IMF will top this off with another EUR 15 billion. The euro […] More