NBC and Reuters Reporting Bernanke Reappointment to be Made Tuesday

August 25, 2009

This evening around 21:30 EDT (01:30 GMT), U.S. press sources leaked news that President Obama will announce the reappointment of Fed Chairman Bernanke to a second four-year term on Tuesday from his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard.  The leaked nature of the story is unusual in itself, and the timing contrasts with the initial appointment of Bernanke by President Bush at mid-day in Washington (17:01 GMT) on October 24, 2005.  While some in Congress have treated the Chairman with scorn, news of his reappointment is likely to be welcomed by investors.  In my view, he’s handled the crisis very well, understands monetary risks very well, and will not begin raising rates later than necessary.

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One Response to “NBC and Reuters Reporting Bernanke Reappointment to be Made Tuesday”

  1. mariolopez says:

    Good Move Obama keep up the good work..