U.S. labor market

U.S. Housing and Labor Markets: Progress Report

February 22, 2012

A collapse of the U.S. housing market triggered the Great Recession, and the labor market bore a heavy brunt of the punishing downturn.  A full recovery awaits a better sense of normalcy in both areas.  And while progress is being made, both markets are closer to their troughs than to pre-recession highs. First let’s look […] More

Can’t Get There from Here

May 6, 2011

This has been a very volatile and ultimately strong week for the beleaguered dollar.  Compared to the period’s lows, the dollar at 14:20 GMT on Friday had advanced by 3.0% against the euro, 2.4% relative to the kiwi, Australian dollar and Swiss franc, 1.9% against sterling, 1.6% versus the Canadian dollar and 1.2% against the […] More

Improving Trends in Canadian GDP and U.S. Jobless Insurance Claims

March 31, 2011

Monthly Canadian GDP figures, calculated from the supply side, showed a second straight brisk rise of 0.5% in January, resulting in a three-month annualized 5.7% rate of rise compared to a 2.0% growth rate in August-October.  Industrial production rose 1.3% on month and 6.9% on year in January, with factory output increasing by 2.8% on […] More

U.S. Labor Market Trends

March 4, 2011

The 192K rise of nonfarm payroll employment last month was merely 4K below the consensus forecast but about 30K under whisper numbers engendered by the ADP private job creation estimate released two days ago.  Revisions to December and January figures resulted in 58K more jobs than estimated a month ago, so the level of employment […] More